A Physician’s Guide to Getting Started on Twitter

by doctweets on May 3, 2012

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Keeping an eye on the Twitter firehose this morning I noticed a ‘re-tweet’ via Howard Luks, MD, aka @hjluks of a preso developed by Eric Glazer et al, aka @ericglazer on the above referenced title.

Editor’s note: For docs interested in learning more about social media, be sure to check out @MD_chat, the ‘tweetchat’ founded and principally moderated by @PhilBaumann.

As the progenitor of a curated physician list via the dormant doctweets.com (and the ‘jailed’ @doctweets and @MDtweets twitter handles) vs. the un-curated though referenced ‘TwitterDoctors’ list (p.s. there are many other more reliably vetted lists of credentialed physicians participating on Twitter), yet I wanted to repost the excellent 101 primer for docs here.

Kudos to the docs in the piece. I am only unfamiliar with one of them ie, Garry Choy, aka @GarryChoy vs. Howard Luks, MD @hjluks and Matthews Katz, MD @subatomicdoc.

Well done all!

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